Conservation begins from the most remote, Antarctica, to mountains, jungles right to your own backyard. You can get involved from financial contributions to rolling up your sleeves grabbing a shovel to re-build habitat all on your own.

Later in the development of Bushland Outfitters you will be able to contribute to the Bushland Outfitters Wildlife Fund. The Bushland Outfitters Fund goal will be to provide wildlife protections, habitat restoration, education and acquisition of lands to preserve wildlife and the lands that are left for future generations.However, until the Bushland Outfitters Wildlife Fund is fully operational please help support the following organizations below.

The World Education Program

Begun in 2002, during our work in Afghanistan after the start of the war begun on Sept 11 2001, the Bonholtzers saw a people torn apart by centuries of warfare and decided to do something about it. The Bonholtzers saw Afghan women and children being deprived of an education because of oppression and the lack of educational materials. Knowing that the only hope for these people's future and that of mankind is through education, the Bonholtzers sprang into action and started the "World Education Program" which has, to date, sent thousands of dollars of supplies to remote areas around the globe including Afghanistan, Africa, and Iraq.


The World Educations Program begins with the simple tools of learning, chalk, pencils, rulers, maps, solar calculators, flash cards and other educational materials, and sends them to the most remote parts of the world where schools are almost non-existent. These items supply the disadvantaged people of small towns and villages with the tools to conquer illiteracy and the general lack of education and hopefully provide them with a brighter future.

Anyone can participate in this program by sending supplies directly to remote locations around the world. Please contact Bushland Outfitters for further information.

Bonholtzer Clan Packing World Education Supplies.jpg
Bonholtzer Clan

Life is full of opportunities to help and give back. There are many organizations that need your help. You can also give back through our World Education Project. We can provide you with contact addresses to send your donations of educational supplies and materials that will benefit the poorest and most vulnerable and desperate people around the world. You can enlist the help of your local schools or organizations and send many boxes of supplies or just send a box that you have thoughtfully put together yourself. All donations are appreciated and will be given to the neediest people around the world to help them learn and grow through education. Becoming involved is a tremendously rewarding experience for you, your family, friends, churches, or schools.

You can also give back in so many other ways by volunteering at local homeless shelters, churches, animal shelters, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community organizations such as the Red Cross. You can deliver meals to shut-ins or help out at the local charity thrift shop. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and so many organizations that need your help. Just roll up your sleeves and pitch in. It will make you feel so good while helping others in need.