Designer's Den

Designer's Den

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The collections in Bushland Outfitters Designers Den are artistic creations conceived in the creative minds and hands of the imaginative and talented up-and-comers of the Fashion and Design world. In the Designers Den you will find first-run limited editions of apparel and designer gear suited for all occasions and adventures including nights on the town, a walk on the red carpet, power meetings in the board room, a day at the beach, travel to exotic lands, or wherever the winds take you.

Our designers are chosen for their unique skills, talents, ideas, and vision. Bushland Outfitters designers come from all walks of life, whether professionally trained or just one endowed with an artistic flair for the pen, brush, scissors, and/or needle and thread, as well as the vision for imagining what can be! The designing artists of Bushland Outfitters are given the freedom and independence to venture into the creative wilderness to turn their original fashion ideas into reality and encouraged to pursue their own personal brands and lines.

All Bushland Outfitters Designer Den items are limited edition creations brought to life from start to finish, first from the imagination of the designer, sketched for the approval of the creative team design board at Bushland Outfitters. Each Designers Den garment or product must have our exclusive and trademarked bear paw prints incorporated somewhere in the product, sometimes in the most surprising places, sometimes in an unexpected medium, ensuring that you will have a piece of the pure mystical Spirit of the Grizzly Bear. Once approval of the designer’s concept has been given, the designer then prepares a pattern for the creation of the item. Next, the fabric is carefully selected for the highest quality and artistic effect.

The designer then makes the first mock-up of the item, and after final approval from the review board, a model is selected for a photo layout. The photo shoot is done by award winning photographers Craig, Suzanne, or Trent Bonholtzer. After the photos are completed, the pattern is sent to seamstresses to be made under the supervision of the designer. The garments and gear are then carefully constructed and beautifully finished and then delivered to our creative and merchandising staff. Next comes the “first look” given exclusively to members of the Bushland Outfitters Designer Den Club who have registered for preview privileges and have the first chance to purchase these special limited edition items. Twenty four hours later, the garments are unveiled to the world and purchases may be made by the general public.

Each Bushland Outfitters Designer Den’s creation is limited in number. Each item is branded with the mark of the Grizzly, and has its serial number sewn inside. Along with every purchase of an item from the Designers Den, you will also receive a copy of the original sketch of the piece, signed by the designer to add a little something extra to your own collection.

Enjoy the innovative concepts and artistic creations that these newest designers have to offer. For a first peek and chance to be the first to purchase these items, be sure to register to become a member of our Designers Den Club. Registration is free, and can lead to your favorite new fashion treasures. It’s your ticket to the latest premiere creations, and who knows, your purchase may be a design by the next Vera Wang, Halston, or Ralph Lauren. With the Spirit of the Grizzly Bear, anything is possible.

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