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Survivor's Med Kit Emergency Medical Kit
Be prepared for an emergency with our ever-popular Bushland Outfitters’ “Survivor’s Med Kit” containing important first aid items that could save your life when minutes count. Packaged neatly within a compact pouch that can fit in a purse, backpack, on a belt, or even in a large pocket, this extremely portable and vital kit is an important tool in keeping your family safe wherever you go. These kits are perfect for everyday use and essential for sports and outdoor endeavors, including hiking, biking, climbing, travel, or any other activities. In fact, Mountain Bike magazine gave it “Five Stars” and said, “The Survivor’s Med Kit can save your life.” This important mini medical kit contains: one pair of non-latex gloves (to protect you from body fluids when helping others and to keep hands more sanitary when dressing wounds); two antimicrobial skin wipe towelettes; one bloodstopper (multi-purpose blood stopping/blood slowing wound and trauma dressing) which can also be used as a sling, tourniquet, or burn dressing; a one package of three Steri-Strips (hypoallergenic strips for securing, closing, and supporting small cuts and wounds), one Ammonia Inhalant (to aid in maintaining consciousness from the effects of shock); a bottle of Saline Eyewash (for debris and contamination irrigation of the eyes), and Two Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages (for scrapes and scratches or small wounds). Note: Buyers and Users of the Survivor’s Med Kit assume all risk of use of medical products contained in this kit.
Emergency Medical Kit
Survivor's Med Kit